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Spanish lessons online

Our Spanish lessons online are based in our experience in classroom lessons. The lessons online keep the line of our face to face lessons’ knowledge with some advantages as being totally personal (one-to-one) and customizable (your time, your pace). Our Spanish language teachers are teachers, natives from Spain and they can help you across all levels and difficulties of the language.

clases particulares online

Spanish teachers online.

All levels available.

Our Spanish lessons are one to one through out a video call of 45 minutes.

You can ask for just one lesson if you need to solve some questions or you can ask for a subscription. The 7 lessons subscription includes a lesson for free and the 12 lessons subscription includes 2 lessons for free. You can pay via EU bank transfer or PayPal™.

ONE lesson for €15 / $18
6+1 lessons for €90 / $108
10+2 lessons for €150 / $180
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